Vineyard Friends Chenin Blanc 2021 wins a Silver Medal at IWSC

Vineyard Friends Chenin Blanc 2021 wins a Silver Medal at IWSC

Vineyard Friends Cape Grey Mongoose Chenin Blanc 2021 wins a Silver Medal and score of 90 points at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

At Vineyard Friends we’re committed to sustainable and ethical business practices, while creating excellent wines for your drinking pleasure.

We’re proud to announce that our Cape Grey Mongoose Chenin Blanc has won a Silver Medal and a score of 90 points in the International Wine and Spirits Competition!

The IWSC was founded in 1969 by wine chemist Anton Massel, and over 50 years, has remained constant in setting an exceptional international benchmark for quality wines, backed by hundreds of global experts.

Our Chenin Blanc is named after the Cape Grey Mongoose – intelligent and playful, just like its namesake wine. In the vineyard, this friend is charming to watch, feeding on insects and acting as our own natural “pest control”.

This delightfully fresh wine is well-balanced and fruity, with a lingering finish. It’s the perfect companion for sunny days ahead to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Carefully crafted under the watchful eye of our expert winemaker, Dico du Toit, who focuses on a holistic scope of alchemy, creating wines that work side by side with nature – not against it.

All of the wines in the Vineyard Friends range are sustainably made, GMO free and Vegan-friendly, but most importantly, they are delicious.

Buy our Cape Grey Mongoose Chenin Blanc today, and experience it for yourself https://vineyardfriends.co.za/products/chenin-blanc

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