Making Friends with Dico du Toit

Making Friends with Dico du Toit

Dico grew up surrounded by winelands in the town of Wellington, where he was exposed to the alchemy and magic of wine making, and the culture that surrounds it. Moreover, he found fascination in more than just the liquid – but in the chemistry, biology and agricultural ingenuity that is required to produce it.

With such a holistic scope of interest, Dico fits the Vineyard Friends purpose perfectly:

To create wines that work side by side with nature – and not against it. Wines that are sustainably made, GMO Free, and Vegan-friendly… And delicious.

Dico found inspiration within this purpose, and also wants to create wines that reflect the hard work of the farmers who have chosen to work sustainably, and who pour their hearts into farming in a way that respects nature.

Want to get to know Dico a little better? We asked him a few questions about Vineyard Friends so you can do just that. After all – we’re all friends here!

Q: What is the story behind the animals on the labels, and that the wines are named after?
Dico: These beautiful animals are seen as we visit the vineyards, where they live – we consider them close friends, and want to protect them. They also represent some characteristics of the wines where they feature on the labels – quirky, elegant, spritely, playful, and so much more.

Q: Who are the Vineyard Friends made for?
Dico: We’ve crafted these wines for people with an appreciation for nature - who want to enjoy the feeling of putting a truly beautiful bottle of wine on the table, knowing that it was made sustainably.

Q: What element of sustainability are you most proud of in the production of Vineyard Friends?
Dico: Probably the lightweight bottle, which is a key factor in how we reduce our environmental footprint. I want to surprise our drinkers with the level of quality that can come out of a lightweight bottle.

Q: If you absolutely had to choose, which of the 4 Vineyard Friends wines is your favourite?
Dico: This is a tough question! Each one of our wines is spectacular… But probably the Sauvignon Blanc - this is an absolutely stunning wine. A classic, memorable Sauvignon Blanc.

Q: How should a glass of Vineyard Friends wine be enjoyed?
Dico: Firstly - enjoy the beautiful label and story, then appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a delicious glass of wine while contributing to the support of our vineyard friends’ habitats. You can keep the secret of our wine to yourself, but I would recommend that you share it with YOUR friends... They will surely thank you for introducing them to these wines!

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