How we do it


A small change can change the world.
That’s why everything from our bottles, to their closures, are 100% recyclable.

We promote recycling in each and every step of our process – and we ask our partners, and you, to do the same.

Emission-free energy

A small change can change the world.
Our cellar in Wellington has the largest solar photovoltaic energy installation of any wine production facility in South Africa. An 801 KW roof array of 2400 panels not only offsets 1265 tonnes of potential CO2 emissions, but also produces clean, surplus energy to be fed into the grid of our neighbouring town and its communities.

This investment is helping us to reach our goal: To limit carbon emission via fossil fuel use, and to reduce our carbon impact, so that our friends can live happily in our vineyards.

Water efficiency

We never want to waste a drop. We use bio-treated grey water in all ablution facilities and gardens – to drastically reduce our use of potable water.

Even better, our anaerobic processing sees clean water released into our local municipality, to support the community. We also reclaim 50 million precious litres of irrigation water per year to provide the vineyards with the water they require to thrive.

Carbon footprint

The only footprints we want in our vineyards are those of our friends.

That’s why we use lightweight bottles, and print our labels on 100% recycled paper from Enviro LabelTM – every little bit helps.

Our carbon ‘footprint’ – the impact we leave on the planet, can never be totally erased, but we can reduce it by returning healthy natural gases to the atmosphere, and absorbing the harmful ones we can.


Sustainable winemaking is a team effort. It’s about maintaining the delicate balance between flora, fauna, and the human hand.

Each wine we make honours the unique animals of the Cape that make the
vineyards their home. In everything we do, we strive to protect them and their homes.

We choose our partners and suppliers very carefully – only working with those who share our commitment to honouring nature and biodiversity through sustainable and ethical practices.

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