Bat-Eared Fox Pinotage 2020 Wins Gold at Mundus Vini 2022 Spring Tasting

Bat-Eared Fox Pinotage 2020 Wins Gold at Mundus Vini 2022 Spring Tasting

Bat-Eared Fox Pinotage 2020 Wins Gold 

We at Vineyard Friends are delighted to announce that our Bat-Eared Fox Pinotage 2020 has been awarded a gold medal at the prestigious Mundus Vini 2022 Spring Tasting. This is wonderfully exciting for us as a relatively young brand, with our Pinotage proving itself to be a world-class contender in its category. 

An innovative wine with a beautiful story

This gold-winning Pinotage stands out with its tasting notes of dark, juicy fruit with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate. It pairs well with meals like marinated mushroom steaks – fresh off the braai, as well as teriyaki or plum-sauce based dishes, but it is also fantastic with roasted meats, and is best when shared around an abundant dinner table with excellent company. 

This wine begins its life in the most sustainable vineyards South Africa has to offer. We do our best to source grapes from unique vineyards whose farmers align with our vision of creating beautiful wine responsibly, so that it may be enjoyed for generations to come. All of the wines in the Vineyard Friends range are sustainably made, GMO free and vegan-friendly. 

As our expert winemaker, Dico du Toit puts it: “We’ve crafted our wine for people with an appreciation for nature - who want to enjoy the feeling of putting a truly beautiful bottle of wine on the table, knowing that it was made sustainably.” 

Our farmers respect the natural fauna and flora that make their homes in the vineyards and contribute to a healthy and natural eco-system, one of these creatures being the curious animal that inspired this Pinotage’s name – the bat-eared fox.  

An award to be proud of

Since being founded in 2001, a whopping 11 000 wines are now entered into the Mundus Vini awards, hosted in Germany each year. The competition celebrates excellent wines and incredible winemakers – putting the best of the best on the map. 

It’s an absolute honour that the Bat-Eared Fox Pinotage 2020 performed so well, allowing wine-lovers everywhere to discover this unique newcomer wine that’s made with a difference. 

Experience this award-winning wine yourself and be sure to share it with good friends. Buy it here: Our Wines – Vineyard Friends 

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